2002 Christmas Greetings
from the New Hooten Household!

This year finds us in a new house!  Yes, we’ve moved across town! Our new address is: 548 Satellite Drive, El Paso, Texas 79912-3308
Phone 915-581-5570

Our home is a lovely pre-owned two-story house with a great view of El Paso’s beloved Franklin Mountains with city lights twinkling in the distance.  It was a big decision to move, and we struggled with it. But, here we are ... except we are not settled yet and in fact have not completely moved out of our Daphne house!  We had a lot of painting and repair work to do there.  Then we have been valiantly trying to sort through and move the 32 year’s worth of stUFF which we had accumulated.  To complicate the situation, this new house doesn’t have nearly as much “bulk storage” space as our other house ... space for auto, home, and yard maintenance tools and supplies, picnic and camping equipment, decorations, files, boxes, gear, etc.  Nevertheless, we will work it out!

The year has further big news.  We have added a son-in-law to our family!  Christine married David Jenkins on November 10.  We liked David from the first time we met him.  But we REALLY came to appreciate him when he, Christine, and Desiree came out this summer to help us move.  We rented a giant Ryder truck and David and Christine did most of the heavy work!  Christine and David arranged a lovely wedding.  The ceremony was in her beautiful back yard.  A wrought iron arch formed the altar, and white chairs seated about 100 guests.  Desiree and two friends handed out flowers and candles to each guest.  Christine and David read personal vows, sang a duet, and lit candles as a symbol of their love.  At the close, all the guests lit their candles off Christine and David’s -- quite effective.   The wedding was followed by a reception of dinner and dancing at a restaurant party room.  It was like a dream watching our little girl so mature and well liked.

News of our son Chuck is good, too.  He has become the morning drive disc jockey on a radio station in Carson City, Nevada.  This is a choice position and he is enjoying it greatly.

We and our four dogs were in the Sun Carnival Parade with the Bowen Ranch old time train again, promoting “Spay and Neuter your Pet” and “Adopt your Next Best Friend from a Shelter.”  Charlie remains active on the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee, and this is one of their efforts to educate the public.  He is still interested in civic events and, who knows, may want to run for public office again some day.

We thank God for our many blessings, one of which you are, and we pray that you and yours have had a good year.

  Our love,

   Virginia & Charles