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Audrey Justine Anglin - Grand Daughter of Lloyd I. Dudding
Audrey Justine Anglin

The Dudding Family History - excerpted by Lloyd Ivan Dudding from the book "From Culpeper County to the Teays Valley" (Revised 1978) by Mildred Chapman Gibbs, Hartford, West Virginia.*

*Believed to be out of print, originally self-published and soft bound by author.
John Dudding was settled in Kanawha County Virginia by 1799. He had married Rebecca Persinger, sister of John Persinger who had already settled in the Valley, and the daughter of Christopher Persinger. They had been married in Allegheny County, Virginia. They built their cabin on the river bank just below the present site of Nitro. This was at nearly the exact spot where the new 1-64 bridge spans the Kanawha River.

Now I have discovered a disturbing thing about Rebecca. On the 1856 census she gave her age as 70, and in 1866, when she was living with Anderson who inherited the home place and the mill, she listed herself as 76 years old. Now if this is correct, either one of them, she could not have been the mother of William, our ancestor. But since I can find no other records, and since so many people of that period kept poor records and did not always know how old they were, I am inclined to believe she was the mother of all the children.

She could neither read nor write, and perhaps she couldn't figure very well, either. She could have been married very young, perhaps around fourteen years, and thus have mothered them all.

Mr. John G. Dudding, of Point Pleasant, says the family name was originally Duddingston. He says John Dudding was the son of Alfred Wellington Duddingston, and he was the son of Dr. A. Duddingston.

John built a mill shortly after he settled here. It was located at Johnson's Shoals, about one half-mile below the mouth of Scary Creek. It was a tub mill, sometimes called a floating mill. Anderson Dudding, the youngest: Son, ran it after his father's death.

A poem was written about the Dudding Mill and was signed by Jack staff. This was believed to be the pen name of William Simms who once lived on the hill overlooking the site of the old mill

Dudding' s Mill

By an old grey rock at the floor of the shoals
stood a quaint old mill where the water rolls
Twas a part of the scene with the trees and cliff,
And. the water wheel, and the miller's skiff.
And the miller himself, in his dusty coat,
As he paddled away to the passing boat;
And the cliff and the trees and the house on the hill,
And the old grey rock seemed part-of the hill.
But the mill grew old and the old wheel shook,
And the slanting roof had a battered look,
And the passing years with their days of care.
Had. frosted the brow of the miller's hair,
Now the old rock stands like a sentinel grey
To mark the spot where the old mill lay.
The cliff is there, and the house on the hill,
But I look in vain for the quaint old mill.
by Jack staff. This was believed to be the pen name of William Simms.
John Dudding died in 1838. In his will he names four daughters and three sons.
The daughters were:

1. Elizabeth Dudding-McCown
2. Polly Dudding-Harris
3 Sarah Dudding
4 Nancy Dudding-Johns

The sons names were:

1. Joseph Dudding, named firStreet, and probably the oldeSt. No record of his marriage was found, but his wife's name was Catherine. The death record of one son William S. Dudding, was listed in Kanawha records. He died August 8, 1881, of consumption. He was 40 years old. I think Joseph settled in Kanawha, since the few records of him to be found were located in this County.
2. William Dudding, born about 1787, was married to Nancy Blake in 1807. (Kanawha County Records) The ceremony was performed by John Lee, a Baptist minister. He and Nancy lived all their married life in what is now Putnam County. They owned property near Winfield. Nancy died in April, 1850, at the age of 62 years and just one year before the death of their daughter, Charlotte Dudding Chapman. By the time part of the family had made their move to Mason County, William was living with William, P. Shank and his wife Mary C. Dudding-Shank. He was also a member of the Hartford Baptist Church, transferring his letter from Putnam County. When a mission church was formed in West Columbia, he, along with the Shank family, took his letter there. This was in 1867. He apparently died between 1867 and 1870, because he did not appear in the census or any family he might have been living with. No death record could be found.

Among their children were:

1. John Booker Dudding; born 1808, John was the first elected sheriff of Putnam County, and was active in civic affairs. He was married to Cassandra Morris, the daughter of Thomas and Sallie Kinnard-Morris. Cassandra died in 1882 at the age of 69. John Dudding died May 11, 1890, in Culloden. He was 82 years old. 'The burial was in Hurricane. He probably was living with Charles and Josephine. John and Cassandra were married January, 15, 1835.

Among their children were:

1. Louisa Dudding, born 1836. Married Ferdinand Francis (Fred) Morris.
2. George W. Dudding, born May 22, 1838, Was a teacher in 1860. Married Lurretia Seasholes in 1874. He later became a physician     and druggiStreet, Lucretia, born January 1, 1858, daughter of John and Lucretia Creath-Seasholes.

Their children:

1.  Emma O. Dudding, born in 1876.
2.  John D. Dudding, born-in 1878.
3.  Edna P. Dudding, born October 1880. Married Mahlon Kirtly.
4.  Charles Lewis Dudding, born September 19, 1845, Winfield, Putnam County, West Virginia. Died April 7, 1922, Culloden, Cabell County, West Virginia. He was married to Josephine Madeline Schoeman (Sherman?) step-daughter of Merida Chapman, on January 3l, 1865. Her mother was Jane Harvey Shouman, daughter of Toussant and Jane Summers Shouman. One of the Janes was married several times, and one set of family records say Josephine's name was Shouman. The other say Sherman, her father being Bayless Sherman. I looked up her marriage records, and it could be either. Josephine was born on January 31, 1849, died November, 1928, at Culloden, West Virginia. (continued page 2)

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