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November 1995,
From back, left to right:
Richard Wayne Dudding,
Virginia Joan Hooten
Jaymes Frederic Dudding,
Lloyd Ivan Dudding

Lloyd, Virginia, Jimmy and Richard Dudding - 11/95

December 18, 1996 Gloria Dudding wrote:

Dear Lloyd, I am the widow of Bennie Augustus Dudding, Jr. His father had several brothers I think and a sister.   Henry was one of the brothers and Daisy was a sister. I have two children -- Janet and Hank Dudding. I would like to find out more about the Duddings, who I think came originally from Virginia.

December 17, 1996 Daniel Duddingston wrote:

Lloyd:  Please add the following to the directory:
1. David Duddingston --->
( My identical twin brother }
I will have my parents, Charles and Carolyn Duddingston add themselves. Thanks, Daniel

December 16, 1996 Daniel Duddingston wrote:

Dear Lloyd: - Greetings from Minneapolis, MN. Home of Nine(9) Duddingstons. Now, we claim Scotish heritage though not fully confirmed. I will enjoy checking in on the Dudding Home Page from time to time. Please let us know if you encounter any other Duddingstons. I don't believe you will find any others but here from this one family in MN.Please feel free to contact Mom and Dad at <> Happy Holidays, Daniel Duddingston

December 15, 1996 Randy Dudding wrote:

Lloyd, The root of Dudding, I understand to be Duda. Apparently, it's origins are from France (Normandy) and our ancestors came to Britain around the time of the conquest by William the Conqueror in 1066. We are not sure of the authenticity of this information, but thought you might be interested.  For information's sake, there are fifteen Duddings in the Ottawa (Canada) region.

December 13, 1996 Michael St. John Dudding wrote:

Hi Lloyd..  Thanks for putting up my families' military background, it looks very impressive if not a bit large.  Maybe I should send it again a bit smaller. I am attaching some info. on ships passenger lists taken from the "World Book of Duddings", though I guess this may be common knowledge, it may be of useful to somebody.
Research by the 'Hall of Names' Co. in Southampton show a John Duddingston arriving in Georgia in 1773.Could this man be the forerunner of all Duddings in N. America?
The earliest Coat of Arms discovered relating to our name is black with three silver bugle horns and the crest was a lions paw holding a red flag.
best wishes...Mick

December 13, 1996 Gary A. Dudding wrote:

Lloyd, My name is Gary Dudding and I am also a direct descendent of William Dudding and Nancy Blake. I have been researching the Dudding Family Tree for over fifteen years. I was born in St. Albans, West Virginia in 1939. I have lived in Louisville, Kentucky for the past 33 years. I recently purchased the World Family Tree Maker, Volume 2 and last night I found your home page on the Internet.
I found that some of the information on the FTM CD is incorrect. I believe I have additional information on the Dudding Family that you could possibly find useful. The following information was hard to come by and I have spent a lot of time in West Virginia and Virginia court houses, libraries and cemeteries. I also thought originally that William was John's son, but than I found out that there were two William Dudding's and both of them married woman named Nancy.
The William Dudding that married Nancy Blake is John Dudding's brother. He was born in what is now Bath County, Virginia on March 14, 1784. Both he and John settled on the banks of Kanawha river in 1798. According to my Uncle Clayton Dudding, John and William had a disagreement and William and Nancy moved to what is now known as Rocky step Road near Winfield, West Virginia. William is buried across the road near his old home place.
The William Dudding cemetery has totally disappeared. The only evidence of the cemetery was Charlotte (Dudding) Chapman tombstone which was found in the Rocky step Creek several years ago.
The old home place was still standing the last time I saw it. It was used for the Putnam County Poor Farm for many years.
The other William was John Dudding's second son and he was born in 1802. This William married Nancy Persinger in 1821. They moved to the upper part of Nitro on what is now known as Blakes Creek. Both William and Nancy are buried in the old cemetery on Blakes Creek Road. Their old home place was the Club House at the Nitro Golf Course for many years, until it burned in the early forties. Blakes Creek was name after George Blake, the father of Nancy Blake.
The following is some additional information that I thought you would like to know: Joseph Dudding, the oldest son of John and Sarah (Bellamy) Dudding was born in 1801. He married Catherine Thomas and they had nine children. Your great great grandfather and grandmother, John B. and Cassandra Dudding are buried in The Old Hurricane Baptist Church Cemetery at Hurricane, West Virginia. I also have some information on Lewis C. Dudding, if you are interested.
I have been trying for many years to find the information on John and Williams parents. I think that Alfred Willington Dudding, who was born in 1760, was their father; however, I don't know exactly where in Virginia. I have hit a stone wall and could sure use help in finding information on their mother and father.
I look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps if we work together, we can learn more about our family history.
By the way, I think we are fourth cousins!!

December 6, 1996
Guy Edward Dudding wrote:

Descendants of Albert Ness Dudding
1 Albert Ness Dudding - Born in Scotland, UK, Died Abt 1976 in Brandon. MN
.. +Irene (Unknown)
......... 2 Glenn Albert Dudding - Born in Brandon, MN
............. +Muriel Rome
.................... 3 Guy Edward Dudding 1967 -Born in Brandon, MN
.................... 3 Gavin Glenn Dudding 1971 - Born in Brandon, MN
......... 2 1st Daughter Dudding-Born in Brandon, MN
......... 2 2nd Daughter Dudding-Born in Brandon, MN
......... 2 3rd Daughter Dudding-Born in Brandon, MN
......... 2 4th Daughter Dudding-Born in Brandon, MN
Other than that I don't have any more knowledge about my father's family. Hope you can work some magic with the little information I gave you. - Guy
(Note: anyone with information on this Dudding family from Minnesota and now living in Canada, please e-mail Webmaster, Lloyd I. Dudding.)

December 6, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Guy!  Glad to find another cousin in Canada. There are at least three other Dudding's in Canada, check out our e-mail page for Geoffrey, Geoffrey W. and Randy Dudding at:
By the way, I've added your e-mail address to our list which now totals 70.
I suggeStreet, as a start on tracing your family tree, e-mail me as much of it as you know including middle names, birth, death, and marriage dates; and I'll add it to the Dudding Family Homepage.   By publishing this information in this way, hopefully we can all begin to tie our roots together.
There is no doubt in my mind that every Dudding on the plnt has a common ancestor.
Lloyd Ivan Dudding

December 5, 1996
Guy Edward Dudding wrote:

My Mailing address is:
Guy Dudding
Box 2155
Iqaluit, NT. Canada
X0A 0H0
Any tips you have to trace my family tree on the net would be much appreciated. Outside of my immediate family, I have never heard any other family named Dudding. Couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled across the Homepage.

December 1, 1996
Ellen Cantley Pauley wrote:

Hello: Thanks for your immediate response. Perhaps I did something wrong. I'm relatively new at genealogy and completely new at web crawling. Yours is the first home page I have encountered. I was looking for things related to Kanawha Co., and lo and behold there was this page on the Duddings. My husband is descended from two Elizabeth Duddings: (1) Elizabeth Dudding, born 1793, d/o John Dudding and Sarah Bellamy, married James McCown, and (2) Elizabeth Dudding, her aunt, born 1785, we are lacking the parents names. She married Basil A. Wood. Albert Jackson Wood, my husband's great grandfather and son of Basil & Elizabeth Dudding Wood, married Alethea Ann McCown, daughter of James & Elizabeth Dudding McCown. Therefore, his grandmother had two grandmothers named Elizabeth Dudding. For a rare surname, he did quite well.
Ellen Cantley Pauley
114 Brook Road
So. Charleston, WV 25309

December 1, 1996
Randy Dudding wrote:

Lloyd - I've just been checking out your home page - well done!  Its fascinating to learn there are so many of us out there! My brother Geof  wrote to you recently promising a copy of the family tree (I'm looking forward to seeing it too) . There are a number of us here in the Great White North (also known as Canada) - I have 2 brothers and we all have wives and kids.... and we all live in Ontario. Our Dad (who is 77 now and not in the best of health) emigrated to Canada at the end of WW2 and his family still lives in and around Malton Yorkshire in the UK - the town he grew up in is about 20 miles or so east from York . Randy

November 25, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Geof, I'm looking forward to receiving your branch of the Dudding family tree and will happily add it to the Dudding Family Homepage.  It is interesting how patterns turn up in family histories. I've discovered a Lloyd I. Dudding born in 1937 - the same year that I was born and an Emily Dudding age 14 born on August 7, 1982. My youngest grand daughter Emily Dudding-Cowart was born on August 7, 1996.

November 25, 1996
Geoffrey W. Dudding  wrote:

Hi Lloyd, I received your message via my nephew Geof. I am working on a family tree for our group of Duddings and will forward sooneSt. I have visited your homepage and was particularly interested to see a John Dudding and his son William. My dad's name is William and his father was John. Interesting. Talk to you soon...Regards-Geof Dudding

November 14, 1996
Mick Dudding wrote:

Morning Lloyd; This is as you say a fairly rare occurrence.  My father came from the south Hampshire area around Southampton.  His sister has been delving in to our history and has come up with a few interesting facts. Many Duddings have their roots in the Norfolk area in eastern England and I have heard talk of a descendancy from the illegitimate offspring off the affair between Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton. There was a Horatio Nelson Dudding marriage announcement in the court page of the Daily Telegraph newspaper a few years back.
I have the 'World Book of Duddings' which lists just about every one in the world with their addresses if you are interested.
Good to hear from you will be in touch again when I have more time.
Best regards Mick
PS With a name like Lloyd you must be related to the Anglesey (North Wales) 'Duddings' of which I have a family tree somewhere. By coincidence this is where my mother was from.

November 13, 1996
Frankie Dudding wrote:

Dear Lloyd, Glad to hear from you again. My daughter Cheryl was in your first list under C.A. Dudding with a prodigy address (<>) . She rarely uses her home computer for e-mail since she is on the internet all day at work. That is why I gave you her work address <> which is an internet address. She runs their web page. Happy to hear that we both liked the name Cheryl well enough to give it to our daughters. My Cheryl is a doll but I sure wish she would get married and stop spending so much time on her career. Every mother's wish, I suppose.
I received a note from <> and it seems he is related to my husband's (Bob) family. I can't believe we have found a relative.  Frankie

November 12, 1996
Patricia Dudding-Romero wrote:

Libby Brown Dudding is my sister-in-law married to my brother, Dennis, and David Dudding is another brother. Both are listed at Ohio University. I migrated to the Chicago area. My brother, David, has always been interested in our family past and I believe he sent you the information he had accumulated on the Dudding's. He told me about this homepage which I think is pretty neat . . . I feel so special!

November 12, 1996
Janet "Jan" Dudding wrote:

Lloyd, If I knew the family history, I would be very happy to pass it along. Unfortunately, I do not know the circumstances that brought James J. Dudding to East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

November 11, 1996
Frankie Dudding wrote:

Hi Dudding person!!!  Glad to hear that there are a few of us out there. I married into the Dudding family in 1960. I will try to give you a run down on how the Duddings that I belong to arrive here. My father in law was named Alan Wilfred Dudding and he came to Canada sometime around 1930 or a bit before. He came from Yorkshire, England. Alan took a job in Canada where he promised to work for at least two years in exchange for free ship passage. He fulfilled his two year obligation and migrated to Indiana for a year or so. Then he took a job selling blinds for windows in Cleveland, Ohio. He met and married Elizabeth Badstuber(1st generation German born in US). They had two sons - Alan born in 1934 and Robert born in 1935 in Cleveland. Alan, Sr. died in 1971 and Elizabeth in 1982. The two sons are still living. Alan is still in Cleveland and Robert is in Orlando, Fla. We have three daughters - Patricia strowbridge - born 1960 - married 1979 (one daughter, Erika born 1981). She was divorced in 1982 remarried 1995 to Robert Wattles. Second daughter, Judith born 1962 has 3 children lives in Austin, Texas. Third daughter - Cheryl (she is on your list - new address: <> ) She lives in Gainesville and she is unmarried - born 1963.
Back to Alan Sr. - From what I know he left parents and siblings in Yorkshire and none of them came to US. He went back to visit several times. I have never met any of them but he was very, very English - quite the English gentleman and very well educated. I will quiz my husband to see if he can add more to this.
I am very interested in your homepage and will pop in to see how your search is going.
Thanx for including us in your search. Hope to hear from you again.
Robert and Frankie Dudding,
8911 Bellemeade Circle,
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 876-5812

November 11, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Christine!  I recently sent the following e-mail to a list of individuals with the last name of Dudding. One of them was Richard Dudding, a relative of yours living in St. Joseph, MI. His reply, enclosed, indicated that you have done considerable research on your Dudding family history. I am writing you to invite you to share your information with all the Duddings through the power of the internet and the Dudding Homepage.
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