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Lloyd I. Dudding, April 17, 1998

Lloyd Dudding, April 17, 1998
Friday, July 27, 2001, Chris Dudding wrote: Hi Lloyd,

I've managed to dig out the book. It's called 'THE BURKE'S PEERAGE WORLD BOOK OF DUDDINGS'. It was published by Halbert's Family Heritage - USA.  There is no ISBN, or any other details. The book is an overpriced con trick.

The first five chapters are about family heritage/ancestors/migration of man etc. The only chapter pertaining to the Dudding name is the last chapter which only contains a register of 'Duddings' compiled from public records.

The numbers I mentioned in my Prev.ious message were a little inaccurate (they were from memory). In actual fact there are more Duddings listed in the USA than in the UK, and certainly many less than I suggested in Australia and New-Zealand. The Breakdown is as follows:

Estimated Dudding population (primary region):

USA 871 (West Virginia)
UK 545 (East Yorkshire)
New Zealand 139 (North Island)
Australia 31 (New South Wales)
South Africa 11 (Transvaal)
Germany 3 (Hessen)

There are no other countries listed.  Hope this is useful.

Monday, July 23, 2001, Chris Dudding wrote:

Hi Lloyd,

I am a Dudding, of a family of Duddings living in England. A few years ago my wife bought me a book published by 'Burkes Peerage' containing details about the Dudding name. Within this book were a register of Dudding worldwide. I am not sure of the accuracy as Myself and My brothers nameand address were in the book, but both my sisters were not. I think it had something to do with the fact that neither of my sisters owned propertyand were not therefore on the local electoral registers or in any telephone listings. One thing I noted at the time was spread of duddings across the world. The list contained approximately 500 Duddings in North America, 500 in Australia and New Zealand, and then smaller groups around the world, usually located in countries formally colonised by the British.

In the UK, there were approximately 1500 Duddings, with a large cluster of about 500 around Northern England, in particular East Yorkshire. I and my family live live in the adjoining county of West Yorkshire. I also have never met a Dudding that I am not related to, although I do occasionally come across Duddings in Newspaper articles or News reports. I came to the conclusion either rightly or wrongly, that the spread around the world originated from the UK through colonisation, and that the origin of the Dudding name was probably East Yorkshire due to the cluster. It is my belief that all Duddings are probably related.

Chris Dudding

Monday, July 23, 2001, Lloyd Dudding reply:

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your very informative email about our family's likely origin in the County of East Yorkshire, England. Please email me the title of the book you referred to about the Dudding's worldwide published by 'Burkes Peerage' so I can try to purchase a copy.

I am adding your email to the Dudding website under "E-Mail Tidbits".

Lloyd Dudding

April 26, 2000, Barbara Dudding wrote:


We were glad to get the mail from you if we found out who still has the tree ill send a copy to you. any way the story we were told is that there were 7 brothers they had gotten into a fight four of them came to the US from England they brought the "ton" or "ston" off the last name. and the tree we had had a Cassandra M. on it its a odd name that's why we remember it.  Any way, if will keep in touch maybe this will help some .

Charles and Barbara dudding

April 25, 2000, Lloyd Dudding reply:

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your email. Cassandra Morris Dudding is my great-great grandmother. I would love to get a copy of the family tree which you mentioned. I am especially interested in the story of the four brothers who immigrated from England and changed their name to Dudding. I had not heard that story before. Please keep in touch.


April 25, 2000, Barbara Dudding wrote:

Lloyd Dudding

I don't know if this will help but i think we could be related down the line. i had a family tree from my husbands side of the family. there was a Cassandra married to a john on this tree. and I am not sure who has the family tree now I've got some things stored away there was an .the tree showed four brothers who came from England way back they had gotten in a fight came to the us and changed the name .to dudding from Duddingston or Duddingston. .anyway if i can the tree ill send it to you.  I am not sure if any other family member has the information.  We were told a long time ago that if there were any Dudding there were related back down the line. I am making a copy of your information and if i can find the tree ill sent the information too you. thanks very much Charles and Barbara Dudding

March 25, 1999 Brian L. Dudding wrote:

Sorry that I forgot Pat's information. She was born 15 June 1959, at Rapid City, South Dakota.

She's still in the Air Force as well and is stationed at Randolph AFB, Texas. Her father retired from the Air Force a couple years after my dad did. We are quite the Air Force family.

Here's a story of intereSt. While I was stationed at Lackland AFB as an MTI, I had a young female, last name Dudding, in one of the flights in my squadron. I recall that she was from around Ft. Wayne, Indiana. For the life of me, I can't remember her name, but, I'm sure that with this site, I'll have the opportunity to make contact with her. As I recall, she was a Guardsman, not on active duty.

My father played football while stationed at Tachikawa, Japan, in the mid-50s, against another Bobby Dudding, also stationed in Japan. I believe he is from Oregon. Any relation? That would really add a special twist to that story.

Once again, Thanks. Brian

March 19, 1999 Brian L. Dudding wrote:

Greetings from Turkey

Since the "Add my e-mail address" prompt defaulted to sending you and e-mail requeStreet, I'll assume you are the webmaster. I signed the guestbook yesterday while I was at work and couldn't wait to look at the entire site today.

My name is Brian Lee Dudding and am the son of Bobby Joe Dudding. My father was born in Poca, WV, on 29 January 1936. He is the son of Charles and Marie Dudding. My dad lives in Racine, Ohio and is the one who told me about the Dudding Homepage. Very excited to see it. I'm fairly traveled and made it a habit to always look in the phone book in every new town and country visited. I knew there were many Dudding's out there and am thrilled to have this opportunity to research the family tree.

I'm in the Air Force and arrived in Turkey on the 28th of December 1998 and will be here until December 2000. I hope to follow on back to Idaho. I plan on retiring out weSt.

I noticed that I was listed in the phone book. Would you please update my phone number. Sharla and I can be reached at 011-90-322-316-5248. We we're in Florida until May 95, since then, we've been stationed in Albuquerque, NM and Mountain Home, Idaho. Sharla is native Idahoan and was born in Boise on 20 December 1968. She's sold me on becoming a transplanted Idahoan. We do have two daughters, Linzi Brianna Dudding, born 28 December 92, and Hailey Nicole Dudding, born 3 November 95.

I have two sons from a Prev.ious marriage, Robert Allen Dudding, born 3 September 1977 and Bradley Austin Dudding, born 7 July 1979. Robert is in the Air Force and Bradley is in the Navy. Both are stationed on Okinawa.

Thanks for maintaining this site. I plan on traveling a lot this summer and will make sure I contact Duddings along the way. I will be in England for one week this summer and hope to have the time visit with some of the Dudding Families.

I don't have a digital camera yet, however, once I get one, I plan on taking some pictures of many of the ancient ruins around Turkey. I will send some pictures to post on the site, if you'd like.

Brian Dudding

March 13, 1999
Neil Hewitt-Dudding

Dear Lloyd, Firstly, may I apologise for the unforgivable amount of time it's taken me to respond to your mail. I have enclosed some shots of the Tamworth/Birmingham Duddings. I was born in Birmingham, My father Paul was born in York, and my mother Margaret was born in Lancashire.   It may interest you to know this. My Grandfather, EarneStreet, saw service in the Royal Army Service Corps in the latter years of the first world war. After the conflict finished, he and his colleagues were given the task of clearing some dilapidated offices for use by the officers, in Ghent, Holland. The room had a pile of dusty old books in the corner, all tatty and covered in cobwebs. He went over to them and instinctively opened one to see what it was. He was astonished to see his own name - 'Dudding' on the page!. It was 'The Confessions' by Jean-Jaques Rousseau. The name Dudding was used by him or one of the characters in the book (I have not read it as it is in French) as an alias, to avoid detection by the Paris mob (so I am told). I still have the actual book (somewhere). You might get a copy to verify it.  

As regards your e-mail query, I have changed my mind. I think there is a similarity.  Best regards, and keep up the good work with the web page

Neil Hewitt-Dudding

Saturday, July 18, 1998, Jon Dudding wrote:

Have you seen the book written by Earl Dudding?  The book was published in 1932, and is titled "The Trail of the Dead Years" He was founder of the Prisoner's Relief Society, who published the book. Quite interesting, and a lot of good family history in the book. confirms a lot of the name stuff and all. We were given a copy by our grandfather, Carl Dudding, who's family hails from West Virginia.

Thursday, June 25, 1998, Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Very interesting, Bill.  This individual, William Dudding, died in Maryland 4 years before the birth of our earliest known ancestor, DUDDINGTON, ALFRED EARL Dudding, in England.  I am sure William fits into our family tree somewhere, but don't have a clue where at the moment.  Keep me updated.  Lloyd

Thursday, June 25, 1998, William H. Dudding wrote:

Dear Lloyd: I was doing a little research on the other day and found this little bit of information.  Let me know what you think about this. In Maryland calendar of wills Volume # 5 Page # 78 Dated December 29, 1721.   There is a William Dudding -- Inn Holder , Queen Anne's County -- To Wife Eleanor, Entire Personal Estate.  Wonder if there is a connection. Bill

Wednesday, June 17, 1998, Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Lonnie, Thanks for writing, I'm always glad to meet another Dudding Cousin.  I posted your e-mail at Dudding E-Mail Tidbits and added you to our Dudding E-Mail list at Dudding E-Mail Directory I'd like to add you to our Dudding Internet Phonebook, but I need both your phone number and snail address.  Hope your Dudding reunion turns out great and would love to receive a group picture with listing of the names to scan and add to our Dudding photos page like I did at Dudding Reunion Photos, Lloyd

Tuesday, June 16, 1998, Lonnie L. (Dudding) Weekley wrote:

My name is Lonnie Weekley, my maiden name is Dudding, my father is Charles Eugene Dudding and his father was John Campbell Dudding.  I was amazed when I read the Dudding family history on the home page because the first few lines were exactly what my father always told us about our family history. We now live in northern Ohio, but have traveled back to West Virginia often.  I have traveled over that bridge on I-64 and every time I cross it, I think about this is where my family history began in this country.  My grandfather had told us that we were of Scottish/British heritage and that out name was originally Duddingston.  My father was born near all these sites you mention and was raised in Poca, West Virginia.  We are having a family reunion this August and I'm going to take this information with me for everyone to see.  Thank you for the delightful information.

Sunday, June 14, 1998, Don Dudding wrote:

Hi Lloyd, I'm glad you liked my website. I'm the son of John Dudding from Meigs County, Oh; his family is from Polka, West Virginia. I've visited your site before and I've enjoyed it very much. By the way, I'm an obscure folk singer and I'm giving a free concert in Racine, Ohio on July 18th at 7:00. If you know any Duddings who would be curious enough to drive to Southeastern Ohio to hear someone they've never heard of play music, I'd be delighted to meet them. Have a great summer! Don Dudding

Thursday, June 4, 1998, Rachel (Dudding) Bresnahan wrote:

Gidday, just thought I'd like to check in from New Zealand. My brother in England got your original message and a lot of your information seems to be very close to the info we've got. There are very few Duddings in NZ and we have a journal/diary in the National Archives documenting the trip from the UK to NZ also introducing Lincoln(?) sheep to Canterbury. You could probably source this through the "Alexander Turnball Library" in Wellington New Zealand.
There seems to be an ancestor related to Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and the name Nelson seems to have become well used in our branch at leaSt.
My uncle has done extensive research and my brother has passed on your message to him as well and I'm sure you'll get much better info from him.
Dad has just told me that he heard that a branch of Swan-Dudding 's emigrated to America so that may be another link for you to investigate.
Good Luck. Keep up the good work and if I'm ever travelling through the states, I'll be able to quote you as family!!! Rachel Dudding

Monday, May 18, 1998, Linda D. Russell Brown wrote:

Dear Lloyd, Yes, that's me! My husband's name is steve and my new last name is Brown. My daughter is from a Prev.ous marriage. I'm really glad you put together the Dudding site. I have a bit more info on the family I'm gathering.
I need to correct my fathers middle name which is listed as Olanzo, it actually is Olanza. Also, his father (John Olonza Dudding, Sr.) was written up in, I think a Norfolk and Southern railroad book. He was killed on April 1,1941. He was the engineer on the then Southern Railroad when the steam engine blew up. It was quite a spectacular explosion.
If you'd like more info on his family let me know. You may know more than we do. Also there's a Dudding street in Roanoke, Virginia. It was named for my great-grandfather, John Dudding. Thanks for all your hard work. Linda.

Sunday, March 8, 1998, Jon Dudding wrote:

hi lloyd, i called my parents tonight to see if i could get any information about our tree but i am afraid we only could come up with a little. my father William Allan dudding (born in Paris France, 11/21/45, then moved to Lynchburg Virginia, now settled in Richmond Virginia), had me and Christopher Ray Dudding. his father is john Olonzo Dudding, who is 77, living in Lynchburg Virginia right now.
i believe that you have his correct Virginia address, but you also have his old Missouri address (John O. Dudding). John Olonzo had three children, William Allan, James and Linda by his French war bride, Denise Jouvelet. James has two sons, Michael and Joseph and Linda has one daughter, Morgan.
all we know about my grandfather's parents is his father was john dudding, his mother was jenny Arthur and his father was also john dudding. i hope this helps you. i have a hard time keeping all of the johns and Williams together when i read some of the text on your page. i have a hard time finding a connection from the text on your page to my family so if you could clear some of this up, that would be great. my grandfather has been usually looking into his family history for some time and i would love to give him something to really go with.
your web page is great and i have told my whole family so expect some more hits down the road.
sincerely, jon
p.s. i am from Virginia also, born in Lynchburg (like my brother). i am working in Heidelberg Germany as a computer network consultant to the u.s. army for a couple of years. we will be returning home probably right after the new year. while we are here, we are now planning on visiting Edinburgh to visit Duddingston. now we have a really good reason to visit Scotland. my phone number is: 49-6221-880-968.

Friday, February 6,1998, Edward Dean Dudding wrote:

I am the youngest of four children from William Ryder Dudding. I am in the U. S. Navy currently stationed in San Diego, CA. I have three sisters, Robin A. (Dudding) Pace, Kathy S. (Dudding) Leyva, and Brenda L. (Dudding) Hearn. I have a Nine year old son (Travis) who thinks it's pretty cool to see all of the different Duddings listed. I also have a Seven year old son (Tyler) that has Autism. I am interested to find out if there are any other Duddings out there that have Autism.

Tuesday, January 4, 2004, Judy Brown wrote:

Hello Lloyd, I think that the two EM Duddings are likely to be the same person, especially since there is mention of a death notice for Lizzie B. Dudding who died Dec. 12, 1903, at the age of 47 in the narrative about Harry Dean Dudding. This matches the death date and age of Elizabeth Burditt. I assume that the writer of that narrative was someone named Donney. If we had more details about the death notice, such as the place, we could be certain they were the same. If you have a copy of the death notice, would you send me a copy? Also, would you send me Donney's address? The information I have about EM and Elizabeth Burditt came from my mother-in- law, Corinne Burditt Brown. Elizabeth is her great-aunt. Elizabeth's parents settled in Oxford, Benton Co. IN in the 1850's. We visited Oxford a few years ago and took photos of Elizabeth's grave. We also found her marriage record in Fowler, the county seat of Benton Co. Corinne has not been successful finding information about the Dudding's in IN. It could be that she should have been looking in WV. There are also some faint clues that Daniel Burditt, Elizabeth's father, was from WV, although one census states NY. Perhaps the Burditt and Dudding families knew each other in WV. That might explain how EM came to marry Elizabeth in IN and why they moved "backwards" to WV. According to information Corinne has, the four sons of EM and Elizabeth all moved to California.
Apparently there was an article about a Dudding (maybe Carl, I'm a little vague on his first name) in the Red Bluff, CA newspaper recently. Corinne saw the article and called the man because the Dudding name is not common and she thought there might be a connection. He doesn't know much about his family's history, but told her that there was a Dudding website. Since she doesn't have a computer, she asked me to check into it. She was pretty excited when she called me. She will be thrilled to have the information you sent. Do you know anything about the parents of EM?
Judy Brown
3720 County Road
S Orland, CA 95963
(530) 865-9024

Saturday, January 3, 1998, Nancy (Dudding) Clay wrote:

Hi Lloyd, My father must have written to you years ago from Pt. Pleasant, WV, John G. Dudding, son of George Summers Dudding, James Benton Duding, William & Nancy Blake Dudding, etc.
He did not realize there were (2) William Dudding... mine married Nancy Blake; whereas John Dudding's son, William, married Nancy Persinger. So there are two branches coming down from Alfred Wellington Dudding. My copy of pages of the Dudding Bible lists William's children as John Dudding, Sarah, Charlotte Bennett, h.s., Napoleon Bonaparte, Mary Casandra, Bazel A., James Benton, N.I., and L.M. Dudding. These names were put in the Bible in 1866 when William was 82 years old. The Dudding Bible is probably in the hands of my aunt Maxine Nibert, d/o George Summers Dudding... the only surviving child.
I will try to list as much as I can on their descendants. The Dudding Bible had initials on some of the children, so will try to match them to names.
Here are the changes or additions that need to be put on the web site starting with my line: James Benton Dudding s/o William & Nancy Blake Dudding (By the way, I have the Blake line if anybody is interested.)
Children of James Benton Dudding & Victoria:
John Boyer Dudding
Alice Paris Dudding
George Summers Dudding
Charles Miller Dudding
Clarence Dudding
Jerome Toledo Dudding
My line: George Summers Dudding, married first Katherine Hoge, 7/17/1879
they had one child; James C. (Dudding) Hoge, (the grandfather Hoge, being a judge, changed his name back to Hoge which should never have been done as he was legally a Dudding by birth.)

Saturday, December 13, 1997, Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Donny, Thanks for your e-mail listing your Dudding family history. I queried my Dudding database for all of the names you provided and the closest I came is a very likely hit on your great-great grandfather, E. M. Dudding. I found the following:
Edgar Morris Dudding B 07 Apr 1847 most likely in what is now Kanawha County, West Virginia. He died in 1935. He was married to Elizabeth Burdett, date and place unknown as well as the names of any of their children.
Edgar Morrid Dudding is the 5th of 10 children born to my great-great grandfather, John Booker Dudding and his wife Cassandra Morris as follows:
Louisa Dudding, B 1836
George W. Dudding, B 22 May 1838
Edgar F. Dudding, B Oct. 1840
Charles Lewis Dudding, B 19 Sep 1844 (my great-grandfather)
Edgar Morris Dudding, B 7 Apr. 1847
Madeline Lomain Dudding, B 6 Apr. 1849
Beulah L. Dudding, B 1850
Julia M. Dudding, B 4 Feb. 1852
Alfred Ellis Dudding, B 20 Feb. 1854
Waldo Dudding, B 1 Jan. 1859
Please check this information with your family records and family members to help me verify that Edgar Morris Dudding is your great-great grandfather E. M. Dudding.

Friday, December 12, 1997, Donald Dudding wrote:

Ok Lloyd, Lets see if we can't get a hit on your database. My great-grandfather is Harry Dean Dudding. He had a brother who was Ralph Dudding. Harry was the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Dudding of 1126 Adams Ave. in Huntington, West Virginia. Harry was a member of the 1913 class of Huntington High School. He won letters in basketball and baseball and was captain of the latter team during his senior year. According to an article (no date) Harry competed in a Riverside Tennis club cup competition. It was the first annual tennis tournament in that city. He and a fellow named Wooledge were runners up in the doubles. In the singles he was eliminated during the third round by a guy named Robinson.
In 1916 Harry moved to Minot, CA and opened a factory branch of the L. C. Smith Typewriter Co., and continued his office until the war forced it to close. It was the last office in the state to quit business. He helped build the Burrough Adding Machine Co. He was a member of the Minot Association of Commerce, Rotary club, Town Criers club, and was also identified with Masonic circles. By October 1919 Harry left Minot, CA with his wife and moved to Bakersfield. By July 1926, Harry was the vice-president of the Rudolfo Cigar Company, of San Francisco, and manager of the Los Angles branch. Harry (21) married Harlian Burr (18) in the home of Minister Rev. Perry A. Sharpe, of the Fifth Ave Congregational church, 3349 Fifth ave south in Minneapolis. They had two children, Donald W. Dudding and Zelda Dudding (Grand Forks, North Dakota).
Donald married Mary (Nauert) Dudding and had 7 boys and one girl. One of the boys was my father, Donald Eugene Dudding. On May 30th, 1941 Mrs. Muriel Miller, Ruth Miller, Joan Dudding, her black cockerspaniel "Boots", and Harry visited Yosemite Park (I have the photo). Added info: I have a photo of Shorty Wilson, Florence Dudding, Lillian Dudding, and Harry Dudding. I have a death notice for Lizzie B. Dudding, who died Dec. 12, 1903, at the age of 47. See if we can get a hit here. Donny

Wednesday, August 27, 1997, Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Butch, My interest in the book by Joe Geiger, Jr.. "Civil War in Cabell County West Virginia 1861 1865" was historical as well as genealogical. My father and grandfather were born in Huntington, WV, so I thought the Civil War in Cabell County would be interesting reading. So, if you ever find out where to order a copy, please let me know. Meanwhile, thanks for the exerpt about the Duddings who enlisted in on December 17, 1862. 36TH BATTALION VIRGINIA CAVALRY The following soldiers enlisted in Cabell Co. Extracted from 36th and 37th Battalions Va Cav. by J.L. Scott
Date of enlistmentRankCompany Dudding, C.L 12/17/62 C Dudding, James J 12/17/62SgtC Dudding, W.F 12/17/62C No Duddings listed in index.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997, Butch Johnson wrote:

I looked up the Battle of Manassas, it was interesting, so I included it.
Cheers rang through the streets of Washington on July 16, 1861, as General Irvin McDowell's Army, 35,000 strong, marched out to begin the long-awaited campaign to capture Richmond and end the war. It was an Army of Green Recruits, few of whom had the faintest idea of the magnitude of the task facing them. But their swaggering gait showed that none doubted the outcome. As excitement spread, many citizens and Congressman with picnic baskets followed the Army into the field to watch what all expected would be a colorful show.
These troops were 90-day volunteers summoned by President Abraham Lincoln after the startling news of Fort Sumter burst over the Nation in April 1861. Called from shops and farms, the recruits had little knowledge of what war would mean. The first day's march covered only eight kilometers (5 miles) as many stayed back to pick blackberries or fill canteens.
McDowell's lumbering columns were headed for the vital railroad junction at Manassas. Here the Orange and Alexandria Railroad met the Manassas Gap Railroad, which led west to the Shenandoah Valley. If McDowell could seize this junction, he would stand astride the best overland approach to the Confederate's capital.
On July 18th McDowell's Army reached Centreville. Five miles ahead a small meandering stream named Bull Run crossed the route of the Union advance, and there guarding the fords from the Union Mills to the stone Bridge waited 22,000 Southern troops under the command of General Pierre G.T. Beauregard. McDowell first attempted to move toward the Confederate right flank, but his troops were checked at Blackburn's Ford. He then spent the next two days scouting the Southern left flank. In the meantime, Beauregard asked the Confederate Government at Richmond for help. General Joseph E. Johnston, stationed in the Shenandoah Valley with 10,000 Confederate troops, was ordered to support Beauregard. Johnston gave an opposing Union force the slip, and, employing the Manassas Gap Railroad, started his brigade toward Manassas Junction. Most of Johnston's troops arrived at the junction on July 20 and 21, some marching from the trains directly into battle.
On the morning of July 21, McDowell sent his attack columns in a long march north toward Sudley Springs Ford. This route took the Federals around the Confederate left. To distract the Southerners, McDowell ordered a diversionary attack where the Warrenton Turnpike crossed Bull Run at the stone Bridge. At 5:30 AM the deep throated roar of a 30-pounder Parrott rifle shattered the morning calm, and signaled the start of battle.
McDowell's new plan depended on speed and surprise, both difficult with inexperienced troops. Valuable time was lost as the men stumbled through the darkness along narrow roads. Confederate Colonel Nathan Evans, commanding at the stone Bridge, soon realized that the attack on his front was only a diversion. Leaving a small force to hold the bridge, Evans rushed the remainder of his command to Matthews Hill in time to check McDowell's lead unit. But Evan's force was too small to hold back the Federals for long.
Soon brigades under Brigadier General Barnard Bee and Colonel Francis Bartow marched to Evan's assistance. But even with these reinforcements, the thin gray line collapsed and Southerners fled in disorder toward Henry Hill. Attempting to rally his men, Bee used General Thomas J. Jackson's newly arrived brigade as an anchor. Pointing to Jackson, Bee shouted, "There stands Jackson like a stone wall!" Generals Johnston and Beauregard then arrived on Henry Hill, where they assisted in rallying shattered brigades and redeploying fresh units that were marching to the point of danger.
About noon, the Federals stopped their advance to reorganize for a new attack. The lull lasted for about an hour, giving the Confederates enough time to reinforce their lines. Then the fighting resumed, each side trying to force the other off Henry Hill. The battle continued until just after 4:00 PM, when fresh Southern units crashed into the Union's right flank on Chinn Ridge, causing McDowell's tired and discouraged soldiers to withdraw.
At first the withdrawal was orderly. Screened by the regulars, the three-month volunteers retired across Bull Run, where they found the road to Washington jammed with the carriages of Congressman and others who had driven out from Centreville to watch the fight. Panic now seized many of the soldiers and the retreat became a rout. The Confederates, though bolstered by the arrival of President Jefferson Davis on the field just as the battle was ending, were too discouraged to follow up their success. Daybreak on July 22 found the defeated Union Army back behind the bristling defenses of Washington.

Sunday, July 13, 1997, Sharon Kay Mattingly wrote:

Hi Lloyd...I went to the Mormon church and spent all afternoon looking at Duddings...I then called my uncle to get some more of the story..Seems he didn't really do a family tree, he just researched our family for the church..This is the story from my uncle...Charley Matt Dudding was born in 1863 in Putnam County, WV. His father was James Benton Dudding...He ran away from home when he was about 13 or 14 and went to Canada..He stayed there for 6 or so years working for the railroad..He saved money to buy a farm..When he left Canada heading south to find a place to settle, he landed in Frankford, Missouri where he bought a farm and farmed and raised horses...He never talked about his family...The James Benton Dudding hasn't been confirmed...But I did look it up and there was a William Dudding born to James Benton Dudding in 1863....James Benton Dudding was son of William Dudding & Nancy or Mary Blake...After this afternoon, my head is swimming with Duddings...It will take awhile to get all my family to you..I will be home in Sept and will have a better access to the info, so I probably will wait till then..Would you like me to send you what I have and add to it as I get it or just wait and send it all at once? Talk to you later...Sharon

Friday, July 11, 1997, Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Dear Sue, I'm delighted to find another Dudding researcher! I hope that you will share your Family TreeMaker file with me.. If you have the new version 4.0, it's as easy as clicking on "File" and then clicking on "Send file by e-mail".If you want mine, just say so. Also, I've moved. My new snail address is:
Lloyd Ivan Dudding, 137 N. Orange Ave., #118, Brea, CA 92821, .(714) 256-4324
Now, down to business. The two John Duddings I know about are John the son of Alfred Wellington Duddingston, b. abt 1792, d. 1838. He was a miller and built and operated a mill which is written about by Mildred Chapman Gibbs. The following quotation is excerpted from, "From Culpeper County to the Teas Valley" (Revised 1978) by Mildred Chapman Gibbs, Hartford, West Virginia: "John Dudding was settled in Kanawha County by 1799. He and his wife, Rebecca Persinger built their cabin on the river bank just below present Nitro, West Virginia. This was nearly the exact spot where the new I-64 bridge spans the Kanawha River. John G. Dudding of Point Pleasant, says the family name was originally Duddingston. He says John Dudding was the son of Alfred Wellington Duddingston, and he was the son of Dr. A. Duddingston. John Dudding built a mill shortly after he settled here. It was located at Johnson's Shoals, about one-half mile below the mouth of Scary Creek. It was a tub mill, sometimes called a floating mill. Anderson Dudding, the youngest son, ran it after his father's death. A poem was written about the Dudding Mill and was signed by Jack staff. This was believed to be the pen name of William Simms, who once lived on the hill overlooking the site of the old mill.
The second John Dudding is the son of Anderson Dudding who is the son of the first John Dudding and Rebeckah Persinger, John Dudding's second wife, or, in other words, John Dudding had a grandson named John Dudding. John Dudding (#2) b. abt 1841 and I know nothing else about this individual.
Now, on the other hand, there was a John Booker Dudding, b. Abt. 1808, son of Alfred Wellington Duddingston's other son, William Dudding. Mildred Chapman Gibbs wrote about him also: The following quotation is excerpted from, "From Culpeper County to the Teas Valley" (Revised 1978) by Mildred Chapman Gibbs, Hartford, West Virginia:
"John Booker Dudding was the first elected sheriff of Putnam County, West Virginia, and was active in civic affairs."

Thursday, July 10, 1997, Sue M. Shank wrote:

I wrote to the address that Family Tree Maker provided but did not hearfrom you. I am also researching the Dudding family and am finding a conflict. I would appreciate your help in solving some differences.
My good friend, Bill Wintz, from Nitro, WV tells me that there were two John Duddings and I believe I have gotten them confused. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 17, 1997, Howard R. Mashaw, Jr. wrote:

Hello, My name is Rich Mashaw, and my mother is Billie Delores Dudding Mashaw. She is the daughter of James Emmitt Dudding. I am doing family history on the Mashaw family and found my father's name on your family tree. My brother, James Dudding Mashaw carries the Dudding name, after our grandfather. Unfortunately My grandfather (James Emmitt) died, June 9, 1954, before I was born. Rich Mashaw

Monday, June 16, 1997, Lynette M. Post wrote:

My name is Lynette M. PoStreet, my mother is a Dudding and the oldest of 13. I am the second oldest grandchild of 39. Please ad me to your directory. I love this site!!

Sunday, June 15, 1997, Rich Dudding Mashaw wrote:

My name is Rich Mashaw, and my mother is Billie Delores Dudding Mashaw. Her father was James Emmett Dudding (29 Dec 1900 - 9 Jun 1955). He was maried to Willie Hattie Pittman (12 May 1905) on 26 Feb 1922. My grandmother Willie is still living, in good health, in McComb Mississippi.
While searching for Mashaw's I came across your home page and family tree submitted by Janet "Jan" Dudding, which contained my father's name, Howard Mashaw. The submitted tree lists my grandfather (JED) as the son of W. Henry Dudding & Ida Mae Wright (12-08-1901), and again as the son of W. Henry Dudding & Luccreca Wentsworth (12-29-1901). According to my grandmother, my grandfather's mother was Ida Mae Wright, and he was born on 12-29-1900. My brother was named after my grandfather, James Dudding Mashaw. I will continue to come back looking for future updates. I am very interested in my roots, and like Dudding, Mashaw is also very uncommon.

Thursday, May 29, 1997, William Joseph Dudding Jr. wrote:

My name is William Joseph Dudding Jr. I was born in Hannibal, Mo. I live in North Carolina. Don't know much about our family tree. All my family and fathers live in Hannibal,Mo. Had heard once that our family had started in Virgina or West Virgina don't know for sure. But would like to know more about the family root's. William Joseph Dudding Jr.

Thursday, May 29, 1997, Sharon Kay Dudding-Mattingly wrote:

Hello...My maiden name is Dudding. I am Sharon Kay Dudding Mattingly. I was born 07/09/43 in Hannibal, Mo. My fathers name is William Charles Dudding, my grandfathers name was Lloyd I. Dudding. I love this website. My husband and I travel a lot and I always look for Duddings wherever I go. This was such a pleasant surprise...Please add my name to your e-mail liSt. Sincerely, Sharon

Sunday, April 27, 1997, Bev wrote:

I just saw your John Dudding Family Home Page on the internet through the Family Tree Maker site and read with interest your information about Christopher Persinger and daughter Rebekah's marriage and place where she settled.
I descend from Christopher through his son, Jacob (who was a brother to Rebekah). Jacob was born in 1772 (I have his will and also a photo of his gravestone in Ohio), but he is the only one of Christopher's children on whom I have birth/death dates. Jacob eventually moved to Ohio, and I descend from one of Jacob's sons born in Ohio.
My information on Christopher and his children/ descendants (except for Jacob) is fairly skimpy, and I am seeking more information and/or confirmation on what I have accumulated. If you are at all interested in the knowing anything about the Persinger line that veered off to Ohio, I'd be delighted to share with you. I'd very much like to know more about both Christopher and his other children.
In reference to your description of Rebekah's age on the censues, in 1856 and again in 1866, I have a photocopy of a page from the book "Botetourt County Marriages, Vol 1," that I borrowed from the National Genealogical Ass'n, and it shows Rebekah marrying John on 12 Nov 1804 in Botetourt County, VA. It states that Rebekah's brother was Jacob Persinger "who, on 12 Nov 1804 test that his sister Rebekah is over 21." Subsequently, according to this source, if it is accurate, her age in 1856 could be no less than 73 and in 1866, no less than 83. I've not a clue, however, just how exactly what "over 21" meant in the above phrase - could be as much as several years. However, that information differs from the census information you have about her being 70 in 1856 and 76 in 1866. I, personally, haven't found the censuses always to be accurate, but then again, neither are all of the lists that are published in books. The book reference above used information compiled from the VA Historic Marriage Register. Hoping to hear from you, Bev e-mail:

Friday, April 25, 1997, Greg Dudding wrote:

Just thought I'd Let ya know that I happened upon your interesting Dudding site. My name is Greg Dudding and I live in West Virginia. My Mothers Name is Loretta Dudding, and My Brother Wes lives in Huntington WV. I live in Charleston. Well, Talk to ya later, I liked your page a lot. C-Ya, and good luck finding all the Duddings.

Friday, April 18, 1997, William H. Dudding, Jr. wrote:

Was very surprised to find this page and am very pleased with it. I was born at Poca, WV on March 22, 1937 the son of William Henry Dudding who is the son of Henry Franklyn Dudding who was the son of John Cambell Dudding. Hope you have some information on this part of the family. Thank you, William H. Dudding Jr

Saturday, February 22, 1997, Hugh Allen wrote:

Lloyd, Remember me? Hugh Allen... I had not been on your web page for a while and was very surprised at the improvements. It really looks great! I read many of the additional comments recently added. My wife Diana (the Dudding decent) really enjoys reading about these people that come from her former home of West Virginia and all. Take care... Hugh

Sunday, February 9, 1997, Sue-Ann Sowerwine-Jacobson wrote:

Dear Lloyd,
Thanks for posting my Dudding query. My maiden name isn't Dudding but Sowerwine. Hope that doesn't make a difference. My closest relative with the surname of Dudding was my great great grandmother Clara B. DUDDING. Hope there are some Duddings out there from the PA area. It seems that most of them I find are from VA.

Saturday, February 8, 1997, Sue-Ann Sowerwine-Jacobson wrote:

Dear Lloyd,
A friend shared a genealogy newsletter with me recently, and your Dudding/Duddingston Homepage address was in it. I couldn't believe my eyes! With all my researching, I hardly ever come across that surname. So as soon as I got on the internet, one of the first things I wanted to do was contact you. I just came from your Homepage, so I want to send you my line.
I descend from Jerome DUDDING, b abt 1810, England; d aft 9 Aug 1837 and married Esther B. LABREE, b abt 1815, PA. He was a seaman working first as a mate and then as a Master on the records I found for the Port of Philadelphia in 1837. The last listing I have found on him is dated August 9, 1837 where he was the Master of the Brig Uncas of Phila. bound for Kingston, Jamaica.
His daughter Clara B. DUDDING, b Nov 1837, PA; d 1918, Philadelphia, PA. Married 1 May 1856 Norristown, Montgomery, PA to Augustus F. DAY, b 1829 Philadelphia, PA; d 24 Jul 1899 Philadelphia, PA. Hope you have some other Duddings out there from PA. I'm looking forward to meeting new cousins and sharing family info with them.
Sue-Ann Jacobson
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