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Lloyd Ivan Dudding,  April 1998

Lloyd Ivan Dudding, April 1998

November 9, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Richard, Thanks for the information on your father, etc. I will add it to the Dudding Homepage. Who is the relative in Florida and does he/she have an e-mail address? I'd really like to make contact.

November 9, 1996
Richard L. Dudding wrote:

Hi ! My father was born at Carlton, Yorkshire, England 04/07/1880.Emigrated to South Bend, IN 1900.Predecessors traced to Robert Dudding ,baptized 06/05/1749 @ Northcave, Yorkshire, Eng.  A nephew named Alan Dudding emigrated a few years later and resided in Cleveland, OH.
A relative in Florida has done extensive research of the family. Richard Dudding
736 Tucker Drive
St. Joseph, MI 49085-3325

November 9, 1996
Emily Dudding wrote:

Hello Mr. Dudding!  My name is Emily Dudding. I am the daughter of the Steven Dudding you sent this mail message to. Our Dudding family traces it's roots back to Duddingston also, so I think we're related. My father has been trying to locate other relatives of his also and would probably love to stay in touch with you and your projects. The email address he usually uses is Some addresses of other Duddings (my aunts and uncles) are Tom Dudding and his family at Barb Stevens (Dudding before marriage) at and my personal email address is
Thank you for your time and good luck on finding more relatives! Emily Dudding
10 Circle Pines St.
Morris, MN 56267-2103

November 8, 1996
Janet "Jan" Dudding wrote:

Dear Lloyd, We *are* related. I base this conclusion on the information that *someone* supplied Family Tree Maker's (FTM) World Family Tree (WFT). If this is part of the information the you supplied them (WFT), I am indeed very grateful to you. Here is my 'link-up' to your Dudding tree. I will attempt to utilize the numbering system per FTM's report format, i.e., siblings shall share the same number. I have documentation for my direct line, back to Napoleon Dudding (5th son, per WFT, of William Dudding and Nancy Blake and younger brother to your ancestor, John Booker Dudding, again, per WFT). Information regarding the siblings of my grandfather, B.A.D. (the children of James J. Dudding), is taken from my father's notes (and is unverified). My father (B.A.D.,Jr.) died in 1989. Where my only source for the information is FTM's WFT, I denote that in parenthesis as "(WFT)." If you, or anyone else "out there," can supply *any* information and/or correction/clarification/documentation, I sure would like to hear from ya'll! TIA, Jan

November 7, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Dudding person!   According to Excite's InfoSpace E-mail search, you are one of only THIRTY-TWO listings for the surname Dudding, (including three in England and one New Zealand.
I trace my family tree back to the UK. Some of our family say our name was shortened from Duddingston after immigration to USA from England, others say it was Duddingston, but we immigrated from Scotland. There is a town named Duddingston in Scotland and another town named Duddingston in England, so maybe both stories are correct.
With a name this rare, we must all be on the same family tree somewhere.  Even the Dudding's in the UK if you believe the stories that Dudding is a shortened version of Duddingston which occurred after immigration to the USA. from England
I've started a Dudding homepage and would like some input of your family history or family news of reunions, etc.

Hope to hear from all of you soon.
Lloyd Ivan Dudding
137 N. Orange Ave., Apt. 118,
Brea, CA 92821
PS - I've sent a cc of this Email to seventeen other Duddings that I located earlier.

October 25, 1996
Janet "Jan" Dudding wrote:

Lloyd; Who's Thomas?  Your mass emails spurred me to go and update my copy of Family Tree Maker. I bought the Deluxe version yesterday and *someone* has done a *lot* of work.  Are you that someone? From the info included in FTM, I found Napoleon(!), younger brother of your John Booker Dudding. 
My brother is Hank Dudding. 
Lloyd, thanx for all your work (both on FTM?? and) on this Dudding project,

October 24, 1996
Claire Dudding wrote:

Lloyd; I think you have a great idea..... I am only a Dudding by marriage. My husband lives in Lynchburg, Virginia and has three children. (Hey, it's a long story which I will relate only if you give a damn). John is 75 and his children, William, James and Linda are grown and married with children of their own.
I think John would be interested in your project and personally I think it is great. Write me again with more details and I will send it on to John in Virginia. He is on snail mail so it may take a while. Good luck with your project.

October 24, 1996
Libby Dudding wrote:

Lloyd; This is my married name but my husbands' family is from Nitro, WV. I could probably acquire my family info.  My brother-in-law works at Ohio University (also) has done some family tree research and would probably be very interested in any of your messages. 

October 24, 1996
Janet "Jan" Dudding wrote:

Hi Lloyd, Thanx for including me in your post and update re a Dudding home page. I took the liberty of forwarding your initial mail to my brother. So, if you hear from a, that's my fault. I think the home page idea is a really good one. For such an unusual last name, I have just about *no* information on my Dad's dad's family tree.  Count me in!

October 23, 1996
Jaymes Frederic Dudding wrote:

Hi Lloyd;  Wow! looks like you got some almost immediate response on this idea. It would be great to be able to send pictures, family trees, and other family info through the internet. And, how about that Dracula mention!
Did you ever notice that many of us Duddings have especially large and pointy canine teeth? Hmmmmm. AaaaaOoooooo! And was it "just a coincidence that Daddy AND Richard were BUTCHERS!?

October 22, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Dudding person!  According to the Bigfoot Directory of 5,000,000 e-mail addresses, you are one of only seventeen listings for the surname Dudding, (including two in England, one of which is a Duddingston and the only Duddingston in the five million list).
With a name this rare, we must all be on the same family tree somewhere. Even the Duddingston if you believe the stories that Dudding is a shortened version of Duddingston which occurred after immigration to the USA.
I'm thinking about starting a Dudding homepage and would like some input.  Hope to hear from all of you soon.

October 22, 1996
Jonathan "Jon" Duddingston wrote:

Hi Lloyd; Quite likely.  Do you have any details of who you traced it back to in the UK?  What date did they immigrate to the states? My father has been doing some research into Duddingston family trees, so he might be able to tie you in.
Duddingston is a pretty little village in England. stone houses and a small river. It's on the A47 road from Leicester to Peterborough.

October 22, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Jonathan; I trace my family tree back to the UK. Some of our family say our name was shortened from Duddingston after immigration to USA.

October 22, 1996
Don Dudding wrote:

Hi Lloyd; Good to hear from you. I don't know if we're all related, but we should be.  Let me know how I can help you with the Dudding Home page. By the way, on the list of names that you sent, Ruth Dudding is my wife and Martha Dudding is my mother. You probably will never reach my mother any more via the internet as her connection was at her work and she retired last spring.
"Outside of a Dog, a book is Man's Best Friend.  Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read!" - Groucho Marx

October 22, 1996
Lloyd Dudding wrote:

Hi Jon; Thanks for the information about the town named Duddingston. I'm forwarding your reply to the other Duddings on my e-mail list and plan to do the same with the other responses I receive. That way everyone can stay informed.
P.S. I found Dudding mentioned in DRACULA, CHAPTER 12; DR. SEWARD'S DIARY."18 September.--I drove at once to Hillingham and arrived early. Keeping my cab at the gate, I went...I quite understood their drift, and after a stiff glass of strong grog, or rather more of the same, and with each a sovereign in hand, they made light of the attack, and swore that they would encounter a worse madman any day for the pleasure of meeting so `bloomin' good a bloke' as your correspondent. I took their names and addresses, in case they might be needed. They are as follows: Jack Smollet, of Dudding's Rents, King George's Road, Great Walworth, and Thomas Snelling, Peter Farley's Row, Guide Court, Bethnal Green."

Sunday, September 03, 2000 10:33 PM
Brian Dudding wrote:

Hi Lloyd, It's been a while since I first contacted you. I haven't looked at the Dudding Homepage in some time. Many changes, very nice.

My two years in Turkey are almost up and my family and are being reassigned to Holloman AFB, NM. Before we head there, I'll be back in Southern Ohio visiting my parents and will send Sharla and the girls to Idaho to visit with her family while I attend a school in Petaluma, CA.

Since we've been here, we managed to visit many historical sites throughout Turkey and once I get back to the states I'll email some of the photos. I got a bum deal on a digital video/still camera and can't download stills until I get back to the states and purchase an attachment to my camera. Some of the points of interest are the seven churches mentioned in Revelations and one of my favorites, Cappadoccia.

Thought I'd point out that my Sons now live relatively close to where you do. Robert is stationed at Nellis AFB, NV and he and his wife Yuka are expecting a new addition any day know. Bradley is in the Navy and is stationed at Camp Pendelton. If you are ever in their neighborhoods, feel free to contact them and tell them to write a little more often.

Take care and keep up the great work on the website. It's great to have a place to interact with such a unique family. Brian

Thursday, February 8, 2001
Frank Peters wrote

Hi Lloyd:  I am Belford F. (Frank) Peters, descended from the Alleghany County, Va,  Stulls, Persingers, Whittens, etc. Your home page lists John Dudding who married Rebecca Dudding with one census listing her as 70 years old, and 10 years later she is 76 years old. One explanation of the discrepancy could be that she was not at home when the census taker came by. Her husband, or whomever was home could have guessed at her age. If no one was at home, the census taker could have gone to a neighbors house and gotten whatever information was available.

Several years ago I went to two Stull family reunions in Rich Patch, Va in Alleghany County, Va, and met 3 Dudding families, all living in Eagle Rock, Botetourt County, Va.  That is not far from Rich Patch.  I gave their names and addresses to whom I met on the internet when she was requesting Dudding information. She lives in Kanawha County, WV.

Good luck with your family search. Frank Peters

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